Reassembler Puzzle - Help

An Example

Here is the start of a game. Screenshot of start of Reassembler game
Here some fragments have been moved into place. We used "AttA" as a starter pattern and built from there. None of the decoded letters look like the start of a word, but the middle one might be within a word. The first and third are not incorrect, they just don't start at a good place. Screenshot of middle of Reassembler game
All the fragments have been assembled. All the coded lines are identical, and so all the decoded lines show the solved word. Screenshot of end of Reassembler game


The difficulty of the games varies. Some are fairly easy and some are fiendish. It is quite possible to have two of the copies reassembled, and the third mostly done, but then have to backtrack to rearrange the pieces so that all three can be completed.

You can select easier or harder puzzles with the easier/harder button. With the easier level, the word fragments are longer. There is still a lot of variation in difficulty, since the code and fragment pattern are random.

All the puzzles are solvable.

How to Solve the Puzzles

There are two techniques you can use to solve the puzzles.

  • Match up the patterns in the coded fragments. If there is one stretch of 'cccc', for example, each of the three words must have that same pattern. Pick the most obvious pattern in the fragments and build from there. You can usually solve the puzzles just by looking at the coded fragments, without using the decoded word as a hint.
  • Use the decoded word to help. Find three fragments that start the same and try them as the beginning of the word. Then build from there.

Usually you will use some combination of both techniques.