Free Flash Puzzle Games

These are some simple puzzle games created with Adobe Macromedia Flex 2. It requires Version 9 of the Flash Player and will ask to install that if it is not already present. If you have any problems with the Flash player, try the Adobe Flash download site

No popups, no registration, no spam, just some simple puzzle games.

These games used to be on their own 'ActionPuzzles' site, but I've moved them here for easier maintenance.

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Reassembler game screenshot

Brand new game. Sort of a super-cryptogram/jigsaw puzzle thing, with some genetic engineering and maybe a little vocabulary building thrown in. Play Reassembler


Click on a square. It will change color, as will its neighbors. Keep clicking until all the squares are white. Sounds easy, right? Play StompOut

StompOut game screenshot

Turn Four

Turn Four game screenshot

Click on a the inner buttons with the arrows. The four surrounding squares will rotate around it. Keep clicking until all the squares are in order. Similar to the classic "15" slider puzzle. Play Turn Four

"15" Slider

This is a classic puzzle, more than 100 years old. Click on a square next to the open space and it will slide into the space. Keep it up until all the squares are in order. Play "15" Slider

Slider game screenshot
Also check out WMD Tank Battle PBBG for a clever free game my buddy Kahil has put together.