Reassembler Puzzle

Reassembler is a simple game created with Adobe Macromedia Flex 2. It requires Version 9 of the Flash Player and will ask to install that if it is not already present.

How to Play

A word has been encrypted. You get to decrypt it. There are some code fragments in the pink boxes at the top. Drag-and-drop them into the long green boxes, creating a long coded word. If you drop a fragment at the right end, it will be added to the end of the word. If you drop it towards the left end, it will be added at the front. You can't add fragments into the middle of a word. Any part of a fragment that extends past the correct length shows up in red.

The fragments can (and must) be assembled into three copies of the same coded word. The coded letters are shown decoded in the blue boxes, forming a word when the puzzle is completed. However, the decoding process depends on the starting point. Until you have the correct starting fragment in place, the word may be decoded into the wrong letters.

An example and more help

Please be sure you have Flash 9, available from the Adobe Flash download site

About the Game, or "What is Going On Here?"

This game is inspired the process of DNA reassembly, where broken fragments of DNA are put together with the object of getting enough DNA to create a gene that encodes a protein.

For this puzzle game, we pick a word (tending towards the long and obscure) and encrypt it by changing each letter into a three-letter code. The three-letter codes are combinations of the letters "g", "A", "t", and "c", (for guanine, adenine, thymine, and cytosine, the nucleotides that make up DNA.) The code changes with each new puzzle.

We make three copies of the coded word, break the copies into random-sized fragments, and then scramble the order of the fragments. You get to undo all the damage that we have done and reconstruct the original word.