StompOut Puzzle

Please be sure you have Flash 9, available from the Adobe Flash download site

StompOut is a simple game created with Adobe Macromedia Flex 2. It requires Version 9 of the Flash Player and will ask to install that if it is not already present.

How to Play

Click on a square. It will change color, as will its neighbors. Keep clicking until all the squares are white. The numbers in the squares are matched to the colors and help you see the sequence of colors before you get to white. You can turn the numbers off with the 'States' menu at the top of the puzzle.

The 'easy' level is quite easy and is really just to teach the rules. The harder levels have more squares and more colors.

All the games are winnable.

You can undo a move by repeating it until it returns to its original color. This also sets the neighbors back to the color they were.

More help and winning tips

About the Game

I have seen versions of the 'easy' level of this game online, but I can't say where it originated.